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Asia Cup 2014

   Posted in : Cricket >> Event starts On Feb 24th, 2014. Ends at Mar 8th, 2014
Asia Cup Cricket 2014 is going to held from February 24 to March 7 of 2014, and total 4 teams will be participating in this tournament and india will be the defending champion of Asia Cup Cricket 2014 which will be held for every 2 years.

Bangladesh will host The Asia Cup 2014 from February 24 to March 7 2014. The Asia Cup takes place once in two years and is contested between India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This will be the second time that Bangladesh will host the Cup, having hosted initially in 2012. The hosting rights of Bangladesh were announced during ACC's meeting in April 2013. 

Asia Cup 2014 Schedule:




Time (IST)

February 25

Pakistan v Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka won by 12 runs.


1330 IST

February 26

Bangladesh v India

India won by 6 wkts.


1330 IST

February 27

Afghanistan v Pakistan

Pakistan won by 72 runs.


1330 IST

February 28

India v Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka won by 2 wkts.


1330 IST

March 1

Bangladesh v Afghanistan

Afghanistan won by 32 runs.


1330 IST

March 2

India v Pakistan

Pakistan won by 1 wkt.


1330 IST

March 3

Afghanistan v Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka won by 129 runs.


1330 IST

March 4

Bangladesh v Pakistan

Pakistan won by 3 wkts.


1330 IST

March 5

Afghanistan v India

India won by 8 wkts.


1330 IST

March 6

Bangladesh v Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka won by 3 wkts.


1330 IST

March 8


Sri Lanka won by 5 wks, regained Asia cup.


1330 IST



The ACC Asia Cup is an international men's One Day International cricket competition. In 1983, it was founded when the Asian Cricket Council was established with an intention encourage goodwill among the countries of Asia. Originally, it was programmed to be held every two years. In 1984, the first tournament was organised in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates where the offices of the Council were located, until 1995. According to the ruling of The International Cricket Council, all games played for the Asia Cup have official status of One Day International. India has the distinction of winning the tournament for the most times. India participated in all Cups, except 1986 (India withdrew in view of uneasy cricketing relations with Sri Lanka) and 1993 (as the cup was cancelled because of stressed political relations between India and Pakistan). As it was announced by the ACC, the tournament has been held once in two years from 2008 onwards. 

In 1984, the inaugural Asia Cup was hosted in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, where the headquarters of the newly formed Asian Cricket Council, was situated. The first match was contested by Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the new ICC member. The tournament featured a round-robin tournament between India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. India, with two victories, was the winner of this competition.

The second edition of Asia Cup Cricket was hosted by Sri Lanka in 1986. Sri Lanka, thus, staged its first multi-national cricket series. India had withdrawn from the tournament because of strained cricketing relations with Sri Lanka subsequent to a controversial series, the previous year, there. Bangladesh was brought in for the first time, into the tournament.  Sri Lanka was the winner of the cup, defeating Pakistan in the finals.

The third Asia Cricket Cup was hosted by Bangladesh, in 1988, and this happened to be the first multi-national cricket tournament held there. India beat Sri Lanka by six wickets, in the final, and won their 2nd Asia Cup.

India hosted the fourth edition in 1990–91. Due to stressed political relations with India, Pakistan had quit the tournament. India retained the Cup defeating Sri Lanka in the final. 

The tournament was cancelled, in 1993, in view of strained political relations shared by India and Pakistan. 

The fifth edition contested in 1995, took back the series to Sharjah after 11 years. India and Sri Lanka reached the final by virtue of better run rate over Pakistan since all three teams had equal points after the preliminary round. India defeated Sri Lanka in the final for the third time in a row in the Asia Cup, to emerge winners. 

Sri Lanka hosted the sixth edition in 1997 and beat India in the final by 8 wickets to win its second Asia Cup and stop India's third successive victory.
The Asia Cup’s seventh edition was organised by Bangladesh and its second, in 2000. The finals were contested by Pakistan and Sri Lanka, while India had not qualified for the first time as it had won only one match against Bangladesh. In the final, Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka and lifted the Asia Cup for the first time.
Four years after the seventh edition, the eighth edition was staged in Sri Lanka, in 2004. There were certain amendments to the tournament format in this edition.

 UAE and Hong Kong, the other Asian countries, were also included for the first time. The tournament was split into three levels viz the group stage, the round robin Super Fours and the final. The group stage was further divided into two groups of three teams, every team playing every other team once. The high performing, two teams from each group qualified for the Super Four stage where they contested with each other once again. The top ranked two teams in the Super Four stage will then advance to the final. Hosts Sri Lanka, India and UAE were positioned in Group A. The defending champion Pakistan, Bangladesh and Hong Kong were included in Group B.

In the group stage, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, UAE and Hong Kong were packed off.  Bangladesh had distinguished itself by reaching the second stage in a major tournament for the first time, but was eliminated in the Super Fours. India and Sri Lanka being two top teams in the Super Four stage and reached the final. In the final, Sri Lanka defeated India by 25 runs in the Final to win the Asia Cup.

Pakistan hosted the ninth edition of the Asia Cup. The 2004 tournament format was continued. The tournament commenced on June 24 2008 and concluded on July 6 2008. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh topped Group A and qualified for the second phase. In Group B, India and Pakistan came out on top and entered the Super Fours.ace. Sri Lanka and India topped the Super Four stage and reached the final. Sri Lanka defeated India in the final to equal India with four Asia Cup trophies. 

Sri Lanka staged the tenth edition of Asia Cup, the tenth edition, for the fourth time, during June 15 to June 24 2010. This essay featured only the four Test playing Asian nations, and seven matches (including final) were played on the whole. Sri Lanka and India topped the group stages and contested the final. India overpowered Sri Lanka comfortably to become Asia Cup champions for a record fifth time, but the first time in 15 years.

The eleventh edition of Asia Cup was hosted in Dhaka, Bangladesh from March 11 to March 22 2012. Pakistan and Bangladesh were through to the final. Bangladesh won over India and Sri Lanka to reach the final for the first time in the history of the tournament. Pakistan defeated Bangladesh marginally by two runs in the thrilling final over. 





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Asia Cup, 2013-14
Location: Mirpur
Date: Mar 8th, 2014

Pakistan, who chose to bat first
Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets
Score: Pakistan 260/5
Overs: 49.6 , Runrate: 5.2

Score: Sri Lanka 261/5
Overs: 46.2 , Runrate: 5.63

 AD Mathews 16 13 2 0 123.08
 Chaturanga de Silva 6 9 1 0 66.67

BowlerOMR W Econ
 Junaid Khan 9 0 56 1 6.22
 Mohammad Talha 6.2 0 56 1 8.84

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